About Ellis


Ellis was born in 1963 in Middelburg, Netherlands. After a carefree childhood ending in a turbulent puberty she finishes business school and at seventeen years of age and she is finally rid of it. Full of energy she takes on the challenge of life.


As an eighteen year old she starts working in one of the more rough hard rock bars of the day.

Three years later she buys her own bar and for five years works at this energy absorbing, twenty-four hour a day occupation, even though it is exciting she finds it very wearisome.


After selling her bar she lives the free life for a few years: Work when you feel like it and party where you can. In the meantime enjoying riding her vintage motorbike, a 1953 Horex Resident.

A dark cloud with the name of cancer comes drifting past. After a few radical operations and a long fight for a year of her life – Ellis slowly recovers and resumes her life.


For eight years after that she worked as a prison guard in Middelburg – a funny place within our society that keeps its doors firmly locked.


Ellis left her Dutch life behind in 2003 to build a new future in Turkey. After having lived a turbulent life she finally reached a point of balance. She now lived in one of the most beautiful places on earth filling her time with gardening, walking the dog and writing. And, as always, the days are to short.


In the spring of 2009 Ellis moved with her dog and two cats to France to be closer to her parents. Here she continues, in a beautiful country with a different climate, to live her life in the same way as she did in Turkey.


And again Ellis moved to another country. This time she arrived with no more than two suitcases on a Ranch in Texas. The wildlife facinates her and she learns the old techniques of making pineneedle baskets and decorating gourds from the native Americans.


But after a year she packed her suitcases and moved back to her beloved Turkey. And as usual the days are much too short for all the things she wants to do.